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Resident Resources

Common Resources

Searchable Campus Map
Stanford People Finder
Marguerite Bus Live Map
Mailing Address Format
FixIt Maintenance Requests
Dining Hall Menu
Emergency Resources
Campus Phone: 9-911
Cellphone: 911
Palo Alto Dispatch: (650) 329-2413
Stanford Hospital ER: (650) 723-5111
GLO Dean on call: (650) 723-7288
     Pager ID: #25085
Locked Out?
Daytime: Go to your residence's Front Desk (free pass!)
After Hours: (650) 725-1602 (first time free)
EV Front Desk: Varies (Ctrl-F for your residence name!)

Emergency Response

  • From a campus phone: 9-911
  • Off-campus/Cell-phone: 911
  • Palo Alto dispatch: (650) 329-2413
  • Stanford Hospital ER: (650) 723-5111

If you are in a crisis and need immediate assistance, the Graduate Life Office (GLO) deans are also accessible 24/7 through email or call. You will be contacted directly by return call.

  • Call the GLO pager at 650-723-7288. You will reach a Stanford operator. Provide pager ID #25085 and indicate that you need to reach the graduate dean-on-call.
  • Email the GLO pager at Include your name and reason for paging in the message.

Residence Hall Problems

Maintenance Request

If something is not working in your room OR a common area, please go to and fill out the online form.  If you would like to loft or un-loft your bed (adjust the height), we also recommend that you fill out a FixIt request form instead of attempting to do it yourself (you could break your bed).  These requests should be filled in 2-5 business days.  If you have an emergency request, like your bed is broken or your toilet is leaking all over your bathroom, you should call the Emergency Maintenance Hotline at 650-725-1602.


We CAs do NOT have keys to your rooms. If you lock yourself out during normal weekday business hours, just go to the EVGR Front Desk in Building B and they'll let you borrow a spare key to let yourself in as long as you return the key that same day. Otherwise, each resident gets one complimentary CARE team lockout assistance per academic year, but after that there is a $45 fee to be let into your room.  You can reach the CARE team by calling (650) 725-1602.

General Graduate Student Resources

Health & Wellbeing

We've compiled a list of mental health resources available to Stanford graduate students. If you have any questions about these services, feel free to reach out to an EVGR CA or a GLO Dean. We would be happy to chat.Vaden Student Health Center: On-call nurse/physician: (650) 498-2336

If you need help immediately:

  • Emergencies: If you or another is in physical danger, you should always call 911 immediately.
  • CAPS urgent support: If you are immediate need of mental health support, you can call Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) 24/7 at 650-723-3785.
  • GLO Dean on-call: There is always a Graduate Life Office (GLO) Dean on-call to address crises and can respond in-person. You can page the GLO Dean on-call at 650-723-7288. You will reach a Stanford operator and should provide pager ID #25085 and indicate you need to reach the GLO Dean on-call. You can also email or text the GLO pager at
  • Bridge Peer Counseling Center: If you would rather talk to a peer (undergraduate or graduate student), you can call the Bridge Peer Counseling Center anytime noon-9am at 650-723-3392 or walk in noon-midnight. They are located at Munger Building 2, Room 102.
  • Confidential Support Team (CST): If you’ve experienced sexual and/or relationship violence and are in immediate need of assistance, you can speak to a confidential counselor 24/7 at 650-725-9955.

If you are seeking non-urgent support:

  • CAPS non-urgent support: If you have not been seen at CAPS previously, you can call 650-723-3785 9am-4pm (PT) Mon-Fri to schedule an appointment with an intake counselor. Most CAPS counselors are scheduling virtual visits, but there are some in-person options at Vaden too. CAPS services are covered by your student health fee.
    • Through a new program called WPO, you can speak to a therapist for up to 5 free virtual therapy sessions (paid for by CAPS). Call 866-212-6113 to access this service.
  • GLO Dean: You can contact your Graduate Life Office (GLO) Dean via email at any time! They should respond within a couple business days. GLO Deans are an excellent resource to refer you to support services and can also just be helpful to chat with about your unique situation.
  • Bridge Peer Counseling Center: You can call the Bridge Peer Counseling Center anytime noon-9am at 650-723-3392 or walk in noon-midnight. They are located at Munger Building 2, Room 102. You can use this resource even if you are not in crisis!
  • Confidential Support Team: If you’ve experienced sexual and/or relationship violence, you can speak to a confidential counselor 24/7 at 650-725-9955. They can help you to determine what your next steps should be.
  • Stanford Healthcare (not free of charge, depends on your insurance): There are a number of mental health providers at Stanford Health who take a wide range of health insurance (including Cardinal Care). You can request an appointment at the Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic by calling 650-498-9111. CAPS will often refer you for longer-term care to a mental health provider at Stanford Healthcare or in private practice.
  • allcove Palo Alto: allcove is an organization that provides free mental health support services to people under the age of 25. Call 650-798-6330 to make an appointment.
  • EV CAs: Happy to help connect you to resources and options!

If you are concerned about another individual:

  • GLO consultation: You can reach out to your GLO Dean to discuss your concerns. GLO Deans can perform “welfare checks” at the student’s home and help to refer them to support services. GLO Deans can also advise on the next steps. If you are urgently concerned, it is best to either call 911 or the GLO Dean on Call.