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This website is still in development. Thank you for your patience!

Common Resources

Searchable Campus Map
Stanford People Finder
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Mailing Address Format
FixIt Maintenance Requests
Dining Hall Menu
Emergency Resources
Campus Phone: 9-911
Cellphone: 911
Palo Alto Dispatch: (650) 329-2413
Stanford Hospital ER: (650) 723-5111
GLO Dean on call: (650) 723-7288
     Pager ID: #25085
Locked Out?
Daytime: Go to your residence's Front Desk (free pass!)
After Hours: (650) 725-1602 (first time free)
EV Front Desk: Varies (Ctrl-F for your residence name!)


Disclaimer: This is not an official source of University information and isn’t updated promptly! If you see errors, you can contact a CA. This is simply information that CAs have found helpful. If you want to learn more about one of these topics, we recommend verifying the information on a Stanford website (easily Googleable!). Thanks to the EVGR CA class of 2020-21 for their input in many of the FAQs below!

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Table of Contents


COVID-19 & Fires

Resident Resources

CAs and Events

Facilities & Local Resources

External Resources

Move-in Best Practices

There are move-in bins located at the EV Front Desk (extra-large rolling carts) that you can use to move all your stuff. Please return the moving carts when you are done!

According to the housing email, only one additional family member can go with you into your room (if you have a studio) and must remain outside the room (if you have a shared apartment). Other family members can help you outside with loading things into the cart, etc.

Please be careful not to park in reserved parking for trucks/storage pods.  There should be move-in specific parking available.


Building addresses can be found most easily by Googling the name of your unit (if you live in Woodlands (formerly Woods and Meadows) or Oasis, Google indexes the units as "Unit 30," not "Building 30").

Campus Compact

You can view updated Campus Compact information at this website.  The deadline for graduate students to sign the Campus Compact is September 14.  You can access and sign the Compact by going to and clinking on the Enrollment Hold link under “My Action Items.”  Instructions are available here. Note that Community Associates are not enforcers of the Compact, but rather community members who encourage respectful behavior.  So, if you’re walking around your EV Building without a mask on, you can expect us to kindly ask you to wear a face covering (although hopefully everyone in the community will do that too!).

  • Spouses/partners and minor dependents: Effective immediately, students’ spouses and partners as well as minor dependents are allowed as essential visitors under county and state orders.
  • We will not be providing updates on the Campus Compact here, so read your emails and visit the website!

CA Events 

EV CA's organize all kinds of events for residents, from small neighborhood events to all-out holiday bashes and formal events.

Each CA also is part of one of the 5 EV Committees. The events sponsored by the committees are open to all EV residents and are advertised through the Village Newsletter. The committees are:

  • Community Service
  • Social
  • Education and Cultural
  • Sports and Outdoors
  • Health and Wellness

CA Job Responsibilities 

Community Associates (CAs) are graduate students who live in the graduate residences and strive to create a sense of community among residents (more difficult in our virtual world!). We also help to connect residents to resources if they have concerns or issues associated with living in residential housing. However, we are not responsible for handling facilities issues, delivering items to residents, etc. We are graduate students with academic responsibilities too! So, please do your best to seek out resources yourself, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you aren’t able to find the appropriate information. Also, if you ever want to chat, hit us up. :D

Campus Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, you can call the Stanford CAPS mental health crisis assistance hotline at 650-723-3785 at any time. A clinician will be available to speak with you. For life threatening emergencies, call 911 (or 9-911 from a campus phone). To get in touch with CAPS counselors for non-urgent counseling, you can call 650-723-3785 to set up an initial consultation. More information about counseling during COVID-19 is available at this website: CAPS services are free to Stanford students.

Central Cooling & AC

Because air conditioning would drain regional energy sources, conflict with Stanford’s commitment to sustainability, and raise costs for students, Stanford doesn’t offer air conditioning throughout the residences. Helpful tips for keeping cool in hot weather can be found at this website.


If you're cooking and your smoke alarm goes off, DO NOT open your front door! If you do so, you will trigger the outside fire alarm and force an evacuation of nearby apartments (see “Fire Alarm” below). Try removing the source of smoke and opening your windows. Try to also use your stove fan as much as possible to remove smells (you don’t want your roommate’s room to smell like whatever you’re cooking).

COVID-19 Testing

All students living in on-campus housing should register with Verily for asymptomatic COVID-19 Testing.  A webinar about on-campus COVID-19 testing is available here. To register at Verily, go to this link and create an account with your Stanford email address. Make sure to schedule your initial COVID-19 test, and report your daily symptoms using Health Check.  An FAQ is available here.  Testing should occur 2 times per week during the Winter Quarter.

If you test positive for COVID-19, the first step you should take is to fill out your Health Check with the positive test information.  You will then be contacted by Vaden Health Services to arrange for meal delivery, isolation housing, and next steps.  If you are in immediate need of food, assistance, etc., you should contact the GLO Dean on Call at 650-723-7288.  You will reach a Stanford Operator and should enter Pager ID #25085 and indicate that you need to reach the Graduate Dean on Call.


There is an Alpaca My Stuffa / Goodwill trailer in the Abrams Ct parking lot or in front of Studio 1 for dropping off unwanted items as part of the Give and Go program. There is also a clothes and shoes donation bin in the parking lot on the north side of EVGR D.

Email Lists

Residents can view their residence hall's email lists on the EV Mailing Lists.

Partners can use the residential chat mailing lists ("") to communicate.

EV Front Desks

You can find the front desk corresponding to your residence on the RD&E website.

EVGR Marketplace

The hours are 11:00am - 8:00pm, 7 days a week.  They have drinks, snacks, fresh fruit, refrigerated meals, and some cooking and personal supplies (like soap).  These hours might update as the academic year begins so pay attention to signage.  Other places to get food on campus include Axe & Palm (main campus), the Munger Market (by Law School), and Ray’s (on Escondido Rd).

Facility or room problem

If something is not working in your room OR a common area, please go to and fill out the online form.  If you would like to loft or un-loft your bed (adjust the height), we also recommend that you fill out a FixIt request form instead of attempting to do it yourself (you could break your bed).  These requests should be filled in 2-5 business days.  If you have an emergency request, like your bed is broken or your toilet is leaking all over your bathroom, you should call the Emergency Maintenance Hotline at 650-725-1602.

Fire alarm

Housing will be releasing official information on this front soon. Due to the size of the residences and the advanced fire life system systems, the EV building fire alarms will activate by apartment and then by floor.  If you hear the fire alarm in your room, you should evacuate the building to the nearest Emergency Access Point (EAP).  If smoke is detected in the corridors and common areas (e.g. someone is cooking, creates smoke, and opens their apartment door to the hallway), the alarm will extend to the entire floor and the floor directly above and below it. It will also prompt a response from the Fire Department, who will then inspect the floor and silence the alarm if there is no emergency.  You do not need to evacuate if the fire alarm isn’t going off in your residence/hallway.  If you hear the fire alarm in any capacity, it is not a bad idea to safely evacuate the building using the stairs.


All fitness and wellness rooms in EV are currently closed.  You can now reserve outdoor fitness equipment and sign up for outdoor fitness classes at the AOERC (Arrillaga Outdoor Education and Recreation Center). 

IT Issues

You can submit a Help Ticket at Stanford Service Now by going to


Laundry is FREE. All we ask is to not abuse the privilege by having your significant others, friends, and/or relatives come over to do their laundry. Forgotten clothes are usually saved for about a week but then may eventually be thrown out. Laundry facilities are located on each floor.  The doors should be taped open to allow access.  Something broken? See Facility or room problem above.

Pro Tip: Please leave washer doors open after use to allow them to dry and prevent mold.


We CAs do NOT have keys to your rooms. If you lock yourself out during normal weekday business hours, just go to your front desk and they'll let you borrow a spare key to let yourself in as long as you return the key that same day. Otherwise, each resident gets one complimentary CARE team lockout assistance per academic year, but after that there is a $45 fee to be let into your room.  You can reach the CARE team by calling (650) 725-1602.


You can find the address associated with your unit via Google, as described in the Address section.

For packages, we recommend sending them to the Graduate Housing Package Center, addressing as follows:

<SUNet ID> - <First Last>
160 Comstock Circle
Graduate Package Center
Stanford, CA 94305

New Grad Student Orientation (NGSO)

This orientation has gone virtual this year!  It runs from August 31 to September 11.  You can visit to learn more and to view a calendar of events.

Payroll deduction

Your University housing is billed quarterly.  If you are on the University payroll (RAship, TAship, etc.) you can instead go into your Axess account to select for your Housing & Fees to be deducted from each paycheck (bi-weekly).  In Axess, scroll down to “Student Financials Snapshot” and click “My Account” under “Stanford ePay.”  Then click “Account Services” under your name to sign up for Payroll Deduction.  It is most common to select “Housing and Fees”, but you should consult with your department financial advisor or someone aware of your financial situation to decide which option is best.


Instructions to place calls are found here.

To use the phone for visitor access (i.e., buzz someone in), see here:

  1. Visitor finds your name in the registry at the door
  2. Visitor enters your 3 digit code
  3. Your phone rings, and you can check who it is (the phone connects to a speaker at the door)
  4. You press 9 on the phone's numpad to grant entry and # to deny entry.


There are printers available in the mail rooms (C and D) and in the Makerspace (B).  You should scan your ID card to start the printing process.  The libraries are also open to make appointments to print.  You can learn more about Stanford printing and see a detailed list of printers at  The list of printer locations is available here, but some may be closed or inaccessible due to COVID-19.

Quiet hours

Officially, they are from 11pm onwards Sun-Thurs and 1am onwards on Friday and Saturday. However, please be respectful of avoiding excessive noise (which usually means music) at any time of the day, as many prefer to study in their rooms. 

Respite Rooms

If you would like to reserve an EV huddle room in your building, you can fill out the reservation form here.  These respite rooms are designed for people to use if they need a private space to conduct a phone/video call (e.g interview), take an exam, carry out a virtual appointment, etc. They are especially helpful to couples living in studio spaces who need to take calls at the same time or need a distraction-free space. You must wear a mask at all times while using a Respite Room.

Roommate concerns

Stanford Housing has implemented a system to connect students with their future roommates.  You should have received an email asking you to share your contact information so that Stanford can provide that information to your future roommate.  The link to share your contact info is here.  If you have COVID-19 related concerns about your future roommate’s arrival, you can email the Graduate Life Office at to request temporary housing.  If you have any issues or concerns with your roommate, we first recommend having a discussion to see if the issue can be resolved.  If you do not feel comfortable doing so, you can email a CA or contact your GLO Dean.  The CA can help to put you in touch with the appropriate resources, including the GLO Dean, or act as a mediator.


Smoking is NOT allowed inside any building. Do NOT smoke on the building stairwells or in the grassy areas around the buildings. Do NOT throw cigarette butts on the ground. Smoking IS allowed in outdoor areas at least 30 feet away from doorways, open windows, covered walkways, ventilation systems, and special events, provided that smoke is not drifting into areas where it may affect other residents. 

Note: Smoking marijuana is ILLEGAL everywhere (even inside your own apartment or outside!) on Stanford campus. 

Study rooms, fitness rooms, community, music rooms, etc.

These are currently closed due to COVID-19.  Please do not attempt to enter these rooms.  We do not have any update on when they might open.  The only exception to this is the Respite Rooms, which must be reserved in advance (see “Respite Rooms”).

SUID Cards, Temp Cards, Courtesy Cards

If you got a temporary card before getting your student ID card, please return the temporary card to the EV housing front desk.  If you got a temporary card for your partner and need to obtain a partner courtesy card, you can fill out this Help ticket.


There are trash rooms located on each floor for trash, compost, and recycling.  Please make sure that your waste goes down the chute (you flush the toilet don’t you? Same principle).  You can use your room key to open the trash rooms. Please discard all cardboard boxes in the mailrooms (you can access with your room key) or in the designated containers outside the buildings. Break down your boxes!


Each Graduate Residential Compute Cluster location has an electronic waste bin for disposing of things like batteries and old and no longer loved electronics.


There are vacuum rooms at your EV Front Desks, but these are not currently accessible to residents. Will update this if vacuum rooms become accessible!


In order to access the “Stanford” network, your device needs to be registered. There is more information here and here.  You can use “Stanford Visitor” in the meantime.  You can also log into “eduroam” with your SU NetID and password. “Stanford Secure” was removed in favor of "eduroam" in March 2021.

Note that this device registration also works for devices other than laptops and phones. For example, game consoles and smart home devices can both be registered with the Stanford network.

Wildfire Smoke

Bay area residents sometimes experience reduced air quality due to wildfire smoke when the weather becomes very hot and dry.  You can expect these fires to occur mostly in August through October (and sometimes in the late spring).  To combat the reduced air quality, we recommend staying indoors with all windows closed.  The air in EV is filtered (should filter out most PM2.5 particles), so you should be safe to exercise indoors if you have no underlying respiratory issues.  This is not medical advice, so please consult a physician for your individual situation.  We also recommend keeping an N95 mask on hand to wear outdoors.  If you are experiencing respiratory issues due to the smoke, you should go to Vaden Health Center.  In the event of a nearby wildfire, Stanford residents may have to evacuate, although this has not happened in recent history.