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Note: Blackwelder is currently under renovations and is closed to students.

Address: 781 Escondido Rd, Stanford, CA 94305


Blackwelder Highrise is a 12-story tower with 110 two-bedroom efficiency apartments shared by two single students. Common spaces in each building include lounges for social activities, barbecue and picnic areas, computer clusters, and piano practice room.

Blackwelder Highrise was named for Eliot Blackwelder, whose long and distinguished career included his role as head of Stanford’s geology department from 1922 to 1945. Considered a “gentleman of the old school,” Blackwelder was known for his dignity, generosity, and courteous nature (National Academy of Sciences, 1976).

EV’s high-rise apartments were built over a period of time, beginning in 1971, and remodeled in 2003-04.

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